Our Guarantee

Our aim is to provide the best possible product and service to all of our customers. All products offered on our website come with a guarantee where as should any structural or manufacturing fault occur within the statutory period as established in your rights as a consumer, we will replace or repair the products as per our delivery and returns policy, and subject to the following terms;

  • • All guarantees apply to goods located on the UK Mainland 

  • • Products must have been paid for in full 

  • • Products have been used for domestic use only, as they are intended and manufactured for

  • • Damage caused by the following will invalidate your guarantee:

  1. Accidental or deliberate damage

  2. General wear and tear, or negligence to follow the proper care and maintenance procedures as highlighted in the care guide

  3. Misuse through staining, burns, pet damage or use of harsh cleaning products or abrasive materials 

  4. Exposure to direct sunlight which can cause fading to fabrics and leathers.  

  5. Natural cushion interior settlement and/or flattening

  • The guarantee applies to the purchaser as shown in the order acknowledgement and is not transferable

To make a claim under our guarantee, details of the claim must be made in the first instance to our Sales team by email sales@furnish-365.com. We reserve the right to inspect the goods in question and to establish the root cause of any issue highlighted. In order to assess the claim we may ask for photographic evidence as a first step. 

When a claim is made under the guarantee, we reserve the right to rectify the problem by using the lowest cost option and to charge a fair ‘usage fee’ where applicable. The claim will also be limited to the original purchase price.

If a repair or replacement is not possible, we reserve the right to replace your product with one of an equivalent specification.


Furnish365 will not be liable to you for any indirect of consequential loss or damage arising out of any problem you notify to us and will have no liability to you for any failure or delay in delivering goods or any damage or defect in goods delivered which is caused by any event or circumstance which is beyond our reasonable control. Nothing in this clause or guarantee affects your Statutory Rights as a consumer.